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The Evosys service contract

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With the Evosys laser service contract, you are always on the right side. You can rest assured that your laser plastic welding system will work reliably and always have a high level of availability. With the help of the Maintenance, Emergency Support and Individual service modules, you can tailor the service contract to your specific wishes and requirements.

What advantages do you have with our service contract?

  • You can count on us.

    Thanks to regular system-specific maintenance services, you can be sure that your laser plastic welding system will always work reliably and have a consistently high level of availability. The risk of downtime is significantly minimized.

  • You always have an overview.

    The variable contract modules for communication, maintenance and emergency support allow you to tailor the service contract to your specific wishes and requirements. The fixed contract prices also give you full cost control over your maintenance.

  • You don’t need to worry about anything.

    During the contract period, we will contact you once a year to arrange an appointment for the upcoming maintenance. This usually takes place around two weeks in advance so that you can maintain the greatest possible planning capability even during ongoing production.

    Of course, we are also available for additional service assignments outside of the contract if required.

Similar to a motor vehicle, regular inspection and maintenance of your laser welding system is a prerequisite for smooth operation and the longest possible service life. There are three service modules to choose from. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on a service contract tailored to your system(s) and your needs.

We offer you the following service modules:

  • Communication

  • Maintenance

  • Emergency Support

  • The Communication service module gives you access to support from the Evosys Laser Service team during business hours and, depending on your contract status, around the clock. This gives you access to support from experienced, highly qualified specialists.

  • With the maintenance service module, you reduce the risk of wear-related system failures to a minimum and thus increase the availability of your system.

    Wearing parts are replaced at regular intervals in accordance with the maintenance schedule. Spare parts are charged at cost. Minor repairs are included in the maintenance.

  • With the emergency support service module, we are available for you 24/5 and guarantee you a defined call-back and on-site presence time.

    After receiving your fault report, you will receive a callback from us within the agreed period so that measures can be taken immediately to rectify the fault. If required, we can carry out remote maintenance and fault diagnosis on your system.